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Adult Women

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Forest Child
The last forest child chooses to be human.
But the forest isn't done with him
and a human is sure the forest knowledge is needed.
High adventure and mystery.

Heroes Need a Captain
Captain Lura Lake has a problem and so does everyone else.
The four beautiful men in love with her
are part of the solution.

The young emperor loves women.
They kept him alive.
He has an escape plan.
Over two hundred women
have other plans for him
and four other men.

Right to Defend
Right to Defend Double Novel

Empress, Alchemy and Djinn

Mercenaries, magic princes, genies, a ship with a sense of humor, drug dealers, a demon, an elder race and an oracle, loads of fun and, ooh, those MEN.

Djinn Rummy Royale

Pirates, a circus, a symphony, a ballet, an avenger, a rescue and a leprechaun's wish granted, lots more fun, and more of those MEN.

Starvan Double Novel

Starvan: Bronze Dragon

His dowry was the highest ever, and he earned it all. The clan elders declared him an adult and arranged his marriage to seal a treaty.

Starvan: Sapphire Wind

Reef and Gaelen are back and you'll meet several more gorgeous starvans in this one.

Lone Ranger Legacy
Major Addison is given everything she asks for,
and more,
to solve a mystery
before it destroys her species,
including four beautiful young men.

Solastria Double Novel


It is the duty of the emperor of human space to defend it. And to build a clan to do it. Solan is very young. His choices to begin a clan are unusual.


This book is very adult. Every psychotic in the galaxy is trying to keep Solan's children from interfering with a drug trade.

Hardline Lifer
The human species needs a lesson
in respect.
This one stars a convict, the four highest paid
male prostitutes on a world
and a brothel owner.

Destiny's Consort
This is a demi-god in bondage
alternate world fantasy.
You may not be ready for this one.
I wasn't ready for this one.
I started with a premise and...
it got much more complicated than I expected;
250,000 words, classed as erotica.
Safe Surf coded.


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