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Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Target Yonder, the Agenting Publisher
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Target Yonder Publishing bought  We're having a great deal of difficulty getting Bowker to remove books we do not have contracts to publish from the ISBN list.  The program to remove them asks for a file size, which was not required when the books were listed, and there's no place to put one in to take them out.  Bowker said they'd do it.  We sent the list.  There were almost 600 on it, with the various formats that had been available.   We didn't hear from them again.  It's tied us up almost four months.  We'll see if a threat to file suit gets assistance or a way to do it.

Target Yonder is an agenting publisher, to the expanding computer animation and independent filmmaking industries.  Too often, the only thing they lack is a good story, and/or good dialog.  Books and stories, by published authors, with work for sale elsewhere, which they and we deem suitable for adaptation, will be available for download from us, free.

Why only published authors with books for sale?  We aren't editors and we don't want to sell books, or have an author's only work, or possible income, dependent on selection for adaptation.  A link to the publisher selling the author's other work will be on both the sample page and the download.  No books for sale somewhere will be accepted.  If you think a free book will get people interested in the ones you have for sale, that's fine, but we aren't going to participate in backstabbing a publisher, and the book must fit our criteria.

What are our fees?  We charge for an ISBN number and hosting the books.  One time.  $60.  If you want a book removed, tell us.  People who are interested in using an author's book or story  will contact and negotiate with the author directly, not through us.  We don't charge a commission.  That way, if the visual artists and author want to 'just do it,' or sell as pay-per-view, using something like Maxcast, they can.

Will we accept books that already have ISBN numbers?  Yes.  Fee $10.

Will we supply ISBN numbers for previously published, edited, books.  Maybe.  If an established author wishes to sell his or her books, personally, on a separate site, and needs a number, we'll consider it, if they fit our imprints, which means we think they'd work well as visual art.  Fee $50, of course. 

Can an established author sell books through us without a website?  We didn't plan to do that, but we've already got two terrific authors who just don't want to "deal with all that."  For $5, we'll list books and forward e-mails.   How you get paid and send books is up to you.

Last one.  Yes, we'll accept audio books in MP3 format.  However, that will cost you for the amount of storage and bandwidth, unless it's fifteen minutes or less, with the rest available as a text download, or available as audio somewhere like I-tunes.  The same restriction on not-for-sale applies.  If 'episode one' is free from us, it has to be free from them.

We haven't decided how to incorporate our site into the A Talespinner's Web site.  It's a piece of internet and electronic publishing history and one of the most beautiful sites we've seen.  We remember the awe the first time we visited it, back when HTML was handwritten and a 100k page was a big one.  It bothered us to put a paragraph saying we're preserving it on the contents page, but we wanted to get the ads off of it.  We were going to put our front page in front of it, but the art and music don't belong to us.  So, we're still working on how we're going to do it.  Currently, we're thinking of putting a link to a subdomain in that paragraph. 

Posted by TYTommy at 17:48 MDT

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