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Paradox Equation

This is a single work organized as a ten novel series.

"The most complex and exciting series I've ever read!
The characters came out of the books and into my dreams. They'll live with me forever."
Marji Holt, founder of Fandimonium

"This series was the first e-published work I bought.
I read it three times straight through.
I was excited and delighted when HyperBooks agreed
to allow Crossroads to publish it
in download formats and on floppy disk.
Kenneth A. Sheets, President of Crossroads Publishing

The pace leaves you breathless, the imagery is fantastic and the logic is astounding.
This is the ultimate time travel series! I still dream of turning it into a game."
Bill King, Ironhorse Gamesmen

The Knights Gallant chose to use their time travel technology
to defend life in the multiverse.
A chain of circumstance that kills a billion people
can only be broken as it happens.
While fulfilling their pledge,
they discover they can only exist if they create themselves.
They must solve the Paradox Equation
of their existence.

To the critically acclaimed books of Paradox Equation!


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